RESIDENTS in a Southampton street have been left in shock after a five-foot deep sinkhole opened up in the road.

Engineers have sealed off the piece of road, on Frederick Street, Northam, after it began collapsing in on itself.

And residents say it has continued to grow since it first opened, on Friday.

Jack Englefield, who works at Royal South Hants Hospital, said: “I hit it with my car last week.

“I work at the hospital and I always come through and I stopped to see what it was.

"It didn't cause any damage but there was a sudden bang.

“Looking at it now I was lucky I didn’t lose my car down it.”

One resident said: "It's crazy isn't it. I have lived here since 1992 and it's terrible for holes."

Engineers believe the sinkhole could have been caused by water flowing through a disused Victorian sewer or cellar.

An engineer at the scene said the sink hole could get larger and could cause severe damage if there is a downpour before it is fixed.

Frederick Street is currently closed to traffic.

The Echo understands the repairs could take several days.