SWEDISH furniture giant IKEA is getting into the World Cup spirit with a special meal-deal - featuring its famous meatballs and an equally popular English dish.

It comes as the two countries prepare to clash in the World Cup quarter-final tomorrow.

And to mark the occasion, the flat-pack furniture chain, which has a store at Westquay, is offering a special meal-deal.

Aptly named 'a plate of two halves', shoppers who buy a plate of Ikea's Swedish meatballs will get a plate of English fish and chips for free.

The 'Swe-delicious' dishes will be available in all IKEA stores in the UK all day Saturday from 11am.

And the day after the game, which will kick off at 3pm at the Samara Arena, IKEA will be offering a “Lunch of Champions”, with the winner’s meal being offered for just £1 for the full day in celebration.

Joakim Haby, IKEA UK & Ireland co-worker said: “We are very proud that our two home Nations are in the Quarter finals this weekend but have been finding it hard to choose between them.

"To make sure our customers don’t have to pick a side and to celebrate the match, we’ve combined the two most iconic meals from each country into one delicious offer.

"So, whether you’re cheering on having a Jamie Vardy dinner party or a Filip Helander get together, IKEA’s plate of two halves is the perfect match meal.”

Offers will be available on standard fish and chips and the 10 Meatballs/veggie balls meals.