VIDEO footage has emerged of the streaker who caused a stir as he walked down a main road in Southampton.

The footage captured on a mobile phone shows the man strutting only in sunglasses and his birthday suit down Winchester Road in Shirleyas stunned onlookers took pictures and pointed.

The 30 year-old from Southampton, who has not been name, was later arrested by police on suspicion of indecent exposure and later released but remains under investigation.

Phill Worrall, 40, a business analyst, from Southampton, who saw the man said: “I was driving and saw someone without any clothes on. He just had a pair of sunglasses on.

“He didn’t look like he was drunk, he looked like he was doing it on purpose. I don’t think he had any mental health problem but obviously I’m not a doctor. He looked happy about doing it.”

Phil added: “Everybody was pointing at him or laughing and taking photos. I’m sure some people were shocked.”

Although it is not illegal to be naked in a Public place in the UK But it can become an offence if it can be proved the person stripped off with the intention to upset and cause distress.

A spokesman for Hampshire police said: "If someone reports an incident of indecent exposure because the circumstances cause them harm, alarm or distress, then we will treat this as a criminal allegation and investigate it as such."

Satvir Kaur, the local city councillor for Shirley ward, said: “This is really unusual for Shirley. If local people were concerned by the incident, then they did the right thing by contacting the relevant authorities.”