A SERIAL offender caught trying to hotwire a stolen motorbike jumped over fences and injured an officer as he tried to flee.

Odin Osman was seen in his back garden working on a bike, which was stolen in the early hours of the morning.

The “reckless” 21-year-old bricklayer, who had already been convicted 44 times for 109 offences, was on a suspended-sentence order handed to him for dangerous driving and biting a police officer.

In sentencing Osman to 16 months’ imprisonment, Judge Peter Henry said he had run out of chances.

Prosecutor Jane Terry said: “When Osman saw the police he took his helmet off and pushed the bike towards the officer.

“The defendant then made off, jumping across fences and into other gardens. He caused damage to the fences.”

Miss Terry told the court this breached a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for 24 months after Osman was seen driving dangerously across Thornhill.

Having been given him the chance to turn his life around, he breached the order for a second time – this time for biting a police officer who tried to arrest him at his home following a distressed called from Osman’s mother.

Mitigating, Keely Harvey said at the time Osman had stopped taking medication for his moderate to severe ADHD following the breakdown of a relationship.

She added: “Osman said he is sorry with what he has done, sorry about the effect it has had on other people.”

Judge Henry told the court that despite Osman’s mental health, he had not shown enough engagement to warrant another chance.

Osman, of Holmsley Close, Southampton, pleaded guilty to interfering with a vehicle, criminal damage and assaulting a constable.