AN ELDERLY woman died as a result of a fall in her Southampton flat.

Winchester coroners court heard how Joan Glasspool fell after losing her balance while turning a corner at her flat on Farringford Road

Her daughter, Linda Gee said: “I had gone to the toilet and mum had left the sofa to go and look for me as she rounded the corner she fell in the kitchen.

“I was there immediately. She had fallen very heavily and had hit her head hard on the kitchen floor.“There was blood on the floor where she had cut her head and I asked my sister Pauline to call an ambulance”“She had two previous unwitnessed falls last year but had managed to get herself up and did not need treatment.”

The 92-year-old was taken to Southampton General Hospital where a scan revealed a bleed on the brain which trauma specialist Christopher Jack described as an unsurvivable incident.

Mrs Glasspool was given palliative care, but her condition deteriorated and she died of pneumonia on March 18.

Pathologist Mark Fabian who gave evidence via video link said that although Mrs Glasspool suffered from Alzheimer’s which could cause spontaneous bleeds on the brain, the fall was most likely the cause in Mrs Glasspool’s case.

Senior Coroner Grahame Short concluded that Mrs Glasspool’s death was the result of an accident.