FIREFIGHTERS were called to Ocean Village after reports that the ongoing heatwave cracked a window at a luxury tower block.

Emergency services rushed to Moresby Tower in Southampton on Saturday after reports of a window on the 23rd floor being cracked by the intense heat.

A crew from Eastleigh fire station was sent to the scene shortly after 6.30pm and cordoned off the area outside the tower block and the Maritimo Lounge.

A spokesman for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said they window was not broken but had been cracked by direct sunlight.

The spokesman added: “We made sure the scene was safe and we passed it over to those who manage the building.”

The area remained cordoned off on Sunday.

Louise Jensen, manager at SDL Property Management, the company which manages the tower block, said investigations are ongoing but she declined to comment when asked if all the other windows of the building were being checked over.

Maritimo Lounge’s outdoor seating area was also cordoned off over the weekend.

Emily Mesher, supervisor at Maritimo Lounge, said: “It was just to do with the damaged window. They had to change the window and that’s why the area was cordoned off, to make sure it was safe.”

She said customers who wanted to sit outside were asked to stay inside the restaurant but she could not confirm what impact this has had on the business.

Ms Mesher said the cordon was removed on Monday morning.

She said: “Our team and the team of the apartments have checked the windows and we have done all we needed to make sure it was safe for people to sit outside.”

This comes after the heatwave has been scorching the country for the past two weeks.

According to the Met Office the highest temperatures were recorded in Hampshire over the weekend.

The hottest place in the country was in Gosport, where a high of 32.4C was recorded.