WOMEN from across the south will be holding a rally in centre of Southampton this weekend.

The regional day of action for Women Against State Pension Inequality will see groups take to West Quay to campaign for compensation from central government. The WASPI campaigners say they were not told about changes to the state pension age - and many women born in the 1950s have been left in "sever" financial hardship as a result.

Now they will be taking to the streets in a bid to let more women know about their campaign.

A spokesperson for the Southampton group said: "We are delighted that Alan Whitehead MP (Southampton Test and Southampton City Councillor Tammy Thomas will be among those joining us on the day.

"The rally day coincides with suffrage campaigner Emmeline Pankhurst’s birthday.

"In honour of Women’s Suffrage Centenary Year, some of us will dress as Suffragettes.

"In this Women's Suffrage Centenary Year, it is particularly important we recognise that women continue to fight battles about injustice and we want to bring to the notice of the public the difficult and unfair situation caused by changes to the SPA.

"Participating groups are part of a national network campaigning for fair transitional payments for women born in the 1950s who have had their SPA raised by as much as 6 years with too little, or no, notice.

"Many have suffered severe hardship as a result, affecting not only women but their families too.

"We agree that men and women should retire at the same age and do not ask for the SPA to revert to 60.

"However, we object to the unfair way these SPA rises have been introduced, leaving no time to prepare for such a major change.

"Some women have been forced to sell their homes to make ends meet.

"After a lifetime of inequality and financial disadvantage, the least we should expect is a fair, properly communicated transition to SPA equalisation.

"If you support justice for 1950s women and their families, or want to know more about our campaign, join us at Southampton West Quay entrance, Above Bar Street at 12.00 noon to 4.00 pm on July 14."

The group will march from the Civic Centre before meeting at West Quay.