THE former owner of a Southampton music venue was found hanged in his Hedge End home.

The body of Glenn Lovell, former owner of The Joiners, was found in the hallway of his home in Giles Close by his wife and son, an inquest heard.

The 43-year-old had an argument which had become physical with his wife of 14 years, Michelle, the previous evening.

Mrs Lovell said: “I was in bed asleep and he threw a book at me. He came in from work angry. He had worked the evening shift and something had annoyed him.

“He was not himself and was extremely anxious. The following morning I texted him and said I wanted a divorce.

“We had arguments and threw threats but I never meant it.”

Winchester Coroner’s Court heard how the next morning, March 25, Mr Lovell had stayed home from work with a suspected chest infection, while his wife Michelle took their three children to school and ran some errands.

At about 2pm, she returned home with her son and found Mr Lovell in the hallway.

“I was a little concerned because I had missed calls from his work. It was weird.

“I opened the door and bent down to get the post. My son stepped over me and that’s when he started screaming.”

The emergency services soon arrived but Mr Lovell was pronounced dead at the scene.

The well-known entrepreneur had a long history of depression and anxiety that was often triggered by financial worries.

Mrs Lovell said: “Money was a huge trigger for him and he was working his way out of debt.

“When there were business issues and financial issues he suffered more.

“From an early age he showed signs of depression. Talking to his friends they think he had signs of anxiety and depression since he was a teen.”

Mr Lovell had also previously said that he wished to end his life, although, his wife said, this was after fights and she never thought he was serious.

Senior coroner Grahame Short said: “He was not formerly diagnosed with depression but he was clearly showing signs of depression and anxiety.

“Glenn left no note but given his earlier threats, depressive symptoms and the mode of his death I am sure that he intended to end his life on this occasion.”

Mr Short concluded that Mr Lovell’s death was suicide.

Following the inquest his family released the following statement: “Glenn was a loving husband and father.

“He was a talented musician and a well-known entrepreneur in the Southampton music scene. There has been a big gap in our lives since his tragic passing in March.”

The Joiners in St Mary’s Street is an iconic venue that since the 1990s has staged gigs by many acts that have gone on to huge success including Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, Oasis, Ed Sheeran and Radiohead.