I AM not a supporter of any particular party or any specific person, but I do feel that Theresa May is taking the flack for a situation not of her making and I feel very sorry for her.

I believe that the person who caused the upheaval in our country and Europe should be held to account, namely Nigel Farage (now a member of the European Parliament).

He stirred the nation into a frenzy which resulted in a referendum when, having achieved his goal, he promptly 'stepped down' leaving others to sort out the mess.

I do not believe he had a clue what to do when he got what he wanted and that was the reason he got out of it!

I should say I was one of the minority (only 48%) who voted to stay in Europe, but the events following the referendum makes me feel that if there were a second referendum and the population decided to stay in after all, the damage has been done and we would never hold any respect from our European neighbours.

Whatever happens now and whomever leads the country and the Brexit negotiations, we are never going to please everybody, and I fear the ill will generated by all this nonsense.

Marion Anaszko