A HAMPSHIRE mum jailed for her part in a 'truly horrific' kidnap has failed in a bid to get her jail term cut by top judges.

Corrie Jane Falconer-Smith was part of a group who forced a man at knife point a into a car before making him withdraw money.

The group then drove him to Winchester where he was forced to purchase a £5,000 ring.

The victim was eventually let go five hours after he was first kidnapped.

Earlier this year, Falconer-Smith was jailed for three-and-a-half years in January for her part in the kidnapping - but later appealed her sentence.

On Friday, the 37-year-old's bid to get her sentence reduced was thrown out by London's Court of Appeal.

Judge Geoffrey Marson GC, said: "A significant custodial sentence was required.

"It cannot be said that the sentence of three-and-a-half years was manifestly excessive."

The incident took place in Andover in May last year

The victim was targeted while driving a BMW and wearing an expensive pair of shoes, both purchased with a recent inheritance.

He came to the attention of Reece Harding and David Hill, who 'wrongly' formed the view from his appearance that he must be a drug dealer.

A knife was held to his throat and demands made for money and drugs.

He was forced into the back of Renault Clio driven by Falconer-Smith, of St Ann's Close, Andover.

His bank card was taken and Falconer-Smith went online to raise the amount of money the victim could withdraw from £200 to £500.

They took him to a supermarket in Andover to withdraw £500 before dropping off Hill.

Falconer-Smith then drove Harding and the victim to Winchester, where he was made to purchase a £5,000 ring.

He was eventually let go after a five-hour ordeal and Falconer-Smith was given some drugs for her part in the kidnap.

She pleaded guilty on the basis that she had no prior warning the kidnap was going to happen.

Her barrister, Tom Godfrey, argued her jail term was far too harsh and should be reduced.

He said she had acted as the 'reluctant driver' and the impact of her imprisonment on her young child was severe.

Rejecting the appeal Judge Marson, who was sitting with Mrs Justice May, said: "We accept Falconer-Smith felt in fear and she had no proper knowledge of what was about to happen."

Harding got 12 years and a five-year extended licence period after admitting kidnap, robbery, having a bladed article and being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs.

Hill got seven years after admitting kidnap, robbery and possession of Class A drugs.

The judge who jailed the trio described the kidnap as 'truly horrific'.