A SOUTHAMPTON leisure complex was evacuated after a fire and sprinkler caused damage to the building.

Firefighters rushed to Westquay centre at about 4.30pm on Saturday following the discovery of a "small" blaze in a freezer unit at Showcase Cinema De Lux.

Crews remained on scene into Saturday night as they investigated the blaze.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue confirmed that the sprinkler system put out the fire but then broke and leaked into the building, causing damage.

A statement says: "The Westquay South building was evacuated by staff and crews were alerted by the buildings detection system.

"Unfortunately, the sprinkler which successfully distinguished the fire then leaked excess water, causing damage to the building.

"Crews cleared smoke left from the small fire and have been praised for their extensive salvage work, to remove water from the building reducing the amount of damage done."

Those at the centre took to social media to reveal their frustration, with one suggesting they had been evacuated from the Showcase Cinema de Lux.

She wrote: "Well, the first 90 per cent of Ant-Man and the Wasp was great...that's four fire trucks at Westquay Cinema Showcase."

Another said: "Showcase cinema at Westquay evacuated, restaurants in Watermark still full of people happily eating away."

One Highfield resident at the scene said: “I’m really annoyed. We booked to see Mamma Mia earlier in the week. We’ve been looking forward to it - it’s a feel good movie. They’ve said it’s going to be about an hour.

"Everything’s wet because all the sprinklers went off. We’ll have to think of a plan B now.”

The Daily Echo has contacted Westquay for a comment.