BOOMTOWN Fair has unveiled their new flagship mission for the year, the all encompassing ​Respect Campaign.

​Evolving from the Harm Reduction campaign in 2017 that brought in drug safety testing organisation,​ The Loop, the campaign covers ​all aspects of harm reduction.

The event is now in its 10th year and will see performances from Gorillaz, reggae legend Jimmy Cliff, and veteran rockers Limp Bizkit.

The Respect campaign consists of three pillars: ​self-respect, respecting others, respecting the environment.

Boomtown, which starts near Winchester on Thursday, says it acknowledges that respect is a two-way street and has invested a huge amount to further benefit their audiences’ experience.

This means an increase in safety measures, infrastructure and facilities needed to help keep people safe from harm.

The festival has been given permission to open a day early for a limited number of revellers this year, but only if they arrive via sustainable transport.

Boomtown will again be providing ​pre-event education and awareness, onsite drug safety testing ​provided by​ The Loop, roaming campsite welfare teams, 24-hour campsite hubs, fully equipped 24-hour onsite medical facilities, welfare and counselling services​, along with an ​onsite police station ​and​ security staff​.

There will also be general welfare messaging and provisions to ensure those in attendance can look after themselves, keep hydrated and are well rested.

The Respect Each Other ​element of the campaign includes a ​zero tolerance policy to harassment ​of any kind​, ​continued work with​ ​Safe Gigs For Women​, as well as raising awareness of what constitutes harassment alongside the​ ​AIF Safer Spaces​ campaign. ​ Increasing the awareness of accessibility​ support by working with

Attitude is Everything​ ​and​ ​Deafzone​ to provide a host of​ ​dedicated facilities​ for people with accessible or medical requirements.

There will also be ​dedicated LGBTQ+ spaces​ of celebration and inclusivity, and behind the scenes work into actively discouraging and raising awareness of cultural appropriation.

The 'Respect Your City' aspect​ focuses on reducing the impact on the environment, as well as instilling social awareness.