A HAMPSHIRE woman has discovered life-changing health benefits after losing weight for charity.

Janet Bache, 56, a home dog boarder from Totton, has lost four stone over three years whilst raising money for Second Chance animal rescue in Mansbridge.

Not only has Mrs Bache dropped three dress sizes and raised £112 , but her weight loss has drastically improved a health condition that she has been suffering with for nearly 15 years.

Mrs Bache has had to take three lots of medication every day for the past twelve years for chronic sinusitis that she said caused her “ horrendous pain.”

But now, that has all changed, and her life has begun to improve.

After just one year in to her weight loss Mrs Bache said: “I began to notice the pain wasn’t as uncomfortable as it had been for the first time in years.

“My GP said this may have been due to my weight loss as my overall health was in a better condition.

"I never realised that losing weight would be able to ease this pain that I had suffered with for so long.”

Mrs Bache said: “As my weight loss continued the pain became even less so I gradually started coming off the medication at the beginning of this year.”

For the past 2 months, Mrs Bache has not taken any of the chronic pain tablets.

She said: “It’s such a relief, as I assumed I would suffer with this for the rest of my life.

“Not only do I feel fitter and have more energy, but my overall health now is fantastic.”

Mrs Bache thanks her weight loss due to the advice and guidance that she received from a local slimming world group that she has attended.

She said: “I have adopted a manageable, balanced diet that has helped me to shed the pounds.

"I eat less sweet treats and more fruit and vegetables.

"I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help and support of the group.”