AN ACADEMIC who was the subject of an ‘anti-Semitism’ investigation has left Winchester University, a spokesman has confirmed.

As previously reported, the university launched an investigation into Jane Dipple (pictured) in April following social media posts made regarding Jews and Zionism.

It comes after Ms Dipple, who had been a member of the Labour Party and formerly lecturer in media and communication, was among 40 senior academics who signed a letter in The Guardian defending Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The posts surfaced in a report by the news website Huffington Post (HP).

Among the Facebook posts republished by HP was one from Ms Dipple’s account saying: “This is not an antisemitic rant this is about a Zionist attempt at creating a ‘pure race’ which sites alongside all other countries that have tried to do the same!”

Another said: “What’s the ‘Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’ about anyway?”

An article from far-right website The Daily Stormer was also shared from the account with the headline ‘BBC to Replace Male Jew Political Editor with Female Jew’.

According to HP, Ms Dipple was also a member of the Palestine Live Facebook page which is notorious for posting Holocaust denial myths, allegations of Israel’s involvement in the 9/11 and 7/7 terror attacks and the training of Islamic State fighters, and conspiracy theories involving the Rothschild family.

Now, a spokesman has confirmed Ms Dipple is no longer employed by the university.

However, it is unclear whether Ms Dipple was sacked or resigned, with the spokesman refusing to say any other than that a “full investigation” was carried out.

The university stated in April: “We do not tolerate antisemitism and we take any allegations of such activity extremely seriously.

“Ms Dipple’s comments were made in a personal capacity, not on behalf of the university and they do not reflect the university’s views in any way. We are deeply committed to equality and diversity in everything we do.”

Also speaking at the time, chairman of the Winchester Labour Party Peter Rees confirmed Ms Dipple had not been a member of the local group.

He added: “We condemn any form of antisemitism whether it be within the party itself, within any organisation or in society as whole.”

The Echo has previously attempted to contact Ms Dipple, but without success. It is not known if she is still a member of the Labour Party.