PLANS have been submitted for a 1,010-vehicle park and ride on the edge of Southampton, which will be used by hospital staff.

Situated in Nursling, the application suggests the site will only be used for four years, before a more permanent site can be found.

The Adanac Park facility will be exclusively for University Hospital Southampton workers.

Currently employees park at either the nearby B&Q or Sainsbury’s, where sections of the car parks have been allocated. A bus then picks them up.

Although temporary, an asphalt surface will be laid.

In the application, it states: “The proposed scheme would accommodate the high number of staff who work a 12 hour shift.”

The plans have been submitted to Test Valley Borough Council, and will be inspected by councillors at a committee meeting on September 18 in Romsey.

Speaking back in June at the Built Environment Networking event,

Mark Bagnall, Southampton hospital estates director, pictured above, said: “We want to be able to offer everyone who works for us a parking space or access to a park and ride.”

A spokesperson said: “In addition to the recent opening of a new multi-storey staff car park on (the hospital) site, the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust is also exploring options for an off-site park and ride within close proximity to further reduce parking pressures within the hospital and nearby residential areas. This includes a development at Adanac Park which is approximately 15 minutes from the main hospital and is currently subject to a planning application.”

The application also mentions that the site will be accessed from the Ordnance Survey roundabout to the north.

Redbridge councillor Andrew Pope said: “One of the reason Southampton Independents is supporting the application is that this is a step in the right direction. We hope it sets a precedent for future park and rides that serve the city.

“Ideally we want to to see retailers in the city centre, as well as Southampton City Council contribute to build park and rides.”

Another application is also in the works, on land opposite to the Adanac site. Submitted to Test Valley as part of an Environment Impact Assessment, the hospital is proposing to build a permanent park and ride with 1,000 spaces, as well as a ‘Health Campus’ to be used to train the next wave of hospital and nursing home staff.

It is unknown when, or if, a full application will be submitted.