A COUNCILLOR has resigned from his post amid accusations he was bullying and harassing members of the Conservative Party.

Harmeet Singh Brar has quit Wellow Parish Council after complaints were made about his conduct by fellow parish councillors and others.

The Romsey and Southampton North Conservative Association, which Mr Brar used to be a member of, also said that his 'abusive messages' had been sent with the intention to bully its current members.

Deputy leader of Test Valley Borough Council, Nick Adams-King, who represents Wellow, said he had also received "offensive and inappropriate communication", which he considered both harassment and bullying.

Despite speaking to our reporter and confirming he would issue a response to the claims, Mr Brar later changed his mind, and said he now did not wish to comment other than by saying he "wished everyone the best" and that he had "done the best I could".

The parish council has now begun advertising for a new councillor after Mr Brar's resignation was handed in earlier this week following a planning row.

A spokesperson said: "Wellow Parish Council can confirm that complaints have been made about former cllr Harmeet Singh Brar's comments, both on social media and through other communications, by parish councillors and other persons.

"Cllr Brar has made a number of statements about his experience as a parish councillor. Everyone on the parish council is very disappointed that cllr Brar has chosen to politicise his role, seemingly for his own political benefit.

"Wellow Parish Council is non-political, and everything we do is done for the good of the parish and its residents."

Cllr Adams-King, said he believed these communications to be an attempt to bully and harass and to deflect him from his role representing residents in his ward.

He added: "I firmly believe no-one enters politics to do harm, especially locally. We simply disagree over the ways in which we can do good. I'm very sad to have heard of, and received myself, inappropriate and offensive communication. In no way does that improve the lives of local people."

Earlier this year, Mr Brar resigned from the local Conservative association, and joined the Liberal Democrats.

The association said that it remained concerned about Mr Brar's continued conduct, with Tory members being 'singled out'.

A spokesperson added: "Members of the Conservative Party appear to have been singled out and have faced abusive social media posts intended to bully. Members including a pensioner have also received unsolicited abusive emails from him.

"We have been forced to seek advice from legal professionals. This pattern of behaviour is deeply disturbing and began after Mr Singh Brar was suspended from the Conservative Party local government candidates list following unacceptable posts on social media. He subsequently resigned after being warned that an investigation would take place."

Mr Brar declined to comment on the claims.