AN ANNUAL countryside event went ahead on Sunday despite opposition from an animal welfare charity.

Hampshire Country Sports Day at Tichborne Park, saw hundreds of activities and displays taking place throughout the day.

The League Against Cruel Sports had advised show organisers not to host the hunt due to biosecurity breaches.

They warned of an outbreak of bovine tuberculosis in a hunting pack that killed nearly 100 hounds.

However, a show spokesperson said: “There has been just one pack of hounds that has been infected with bovine tuberculosis.

However, following a strict testing procedure which was enforced when bovine TB was discovered, almost two years ago, the disease was contained and eradicated.

“There have been no further outbreaks at this hunt kennels nor have symptoms been seen in any other packs of hounds since.”

Events at the show included mink, beagle and fox hounds displays, an inter-hunt mounted relay, falconry clay pigeon shooting.

Visitors could learn archery, fly fishing, and how to safely use hunting rifles.

The show also featured a record number of market stalls offering everything from equestrian clothing and fishing tackle to handbags and jewellery.