CUMBRIA council could teach Southampton council a thing or two when it comes to recycling.

The city has many problem areas, but two that stand out are the recycling of plastics and the mending of potholes. Both woefully lacking and a blight on our local environment.

In Cumbria they have developed a process of using unrecyclable plastics, that’s one use plastics which would normally end up in landfill, to make into pellets that is mixed with bitumen to form a lasting material to cheaply fill potholes.

Hurrah. Finally, someone is thinking!

Southampton has an excess of both waste plastic and potholes, so will our city fathers quickly contact Cumbria to get their advice?

If they projected their thoughts further, they could build the processing plant and sell the surplus to other councils. Now wouldn’t that be a first...

I`ll wait with baited breath!

Richard A Jacob