SOLDIERS were marched the day after two men died in an SAS selection march in the Brecon Beacons, a court martial heard.

Lance Corporal Craig Roberts, 24, and L/Cpl Edward Maher, 31, from Winchester, were pronounced dead on the Welsh mountain range after suffering heatstroke on July 13 2013.

Corporal James Dunsby, also 31, died at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital from multiple organ failure more than two weeks later.

Two SAS soldiers, referred to as 1A and 1B, deny negligently performing a duty by failing to take reasonable care for the health and safety of candidates on the 16-mile march.

Sarah Baldwin-Jones, an inspector for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), told a court martial in Bulford: "If there is one thing that galls me it is that they continued to march the following day.

"There was no medical assessment of students that evening.

"The march was organised and my understanding is that 1A and 1B were overruled in their decision that they didn't want to run that march.

"Commanding officers made that decision that that march was going to go ahead. That is a majorly erroneous decision."

Ms Baldwin-Jones said candidates may have still been suffering from heat illness from the march on July 13.

Some casualties were identified during that march and assessed but then left at a check point on the route.

"There were two particular persons who potentially may have needed additional care but that wasn't arranged," she told the court.

Ms Baldwin-Jones claimed that no dynamic risk assessment was completed for the second march.

At that point, 1A and 1B were dealing with police, the management of Mountain Rescue and other various services, the court heard.

The HSE inspector said MoD A-Block, an organisation within Joint Forces Command, made the decision to march on July 14.

"I understand that decision was made because they wanted to keep the students occupied," Ms Baldwin-Jones said.

"I can think of other ways to keep them occupied. There were further heat casualties on that second march and it was stopped at 12pm."

She said the regular unit taking part in the selection march had spent two weeks preparing for it but reservists did not have that opportunity.

The court martial continues.