A SOUTHAMPTON author and one half of the team behind a popular and controversial media monitoring website has published his latest book.

David Cromwell, who runs British media analysing website Media Lens alongside David Edwards, is author of a number of books, including Why are WE the good guys? published in 2012.

His latest book, co-authored by David Edwards, is Propaganda Blitz.

A professional scientist, David Cromwell came to the city to work at what is now the National Oceanography Centre but left to work full time on Media Lens and as a writer. His writing career began with penning letters to the press in the 90s, particularly about environmental matters.

Propaganda Blitz places mainstream media outlets such as the BBC and The Guardian under the spotlight.

The book’s publishers, Pluto Press, said: “This book uncovers a storm of top-down campaigns behind war reporting from Iraq, Syria and Palestine, as well as the destruction of the credibility of figures on the left, including Jeremy Corbyn, Russell Brand and Hugo Chavez.

“Exposing propagandists at the top levels of the BBC, as well as their reporting on the Scottish independence referendum, the dismantling of the NHS and looming climate chaos, Propaganda Blitz explains the real meaning of ‘objective’ journalism, exposes the fake news about ‘fake news’ and outlines a model for anti-business media activism.”