MUSIC in the City returns to Southampton this weekend as it celebrates its 10th anniversary with its biggest offering yet.

The fabulous musical extravaganza will take place on Saturday and Sunday across 21 venues, featuring 170 acts and more than 1000 artists.

This year’s event marks a decade of promoting the area’s best musicians and enabling them to play in unique and historical locations.

The weekend will celebrate the wonderful diversity of musical talent from the Solent Area.

PHOTOS: Southampton Music in the City 2017 - are you in our gallery?

All of the musical delights are FREE.

From Rock to Jazz, Classical to Bebop, Folk to Blues - in quirky venues including 800 year old vaults to the newest and best coffee houses and bars the sounds and settings are second to none!

Residents and visitors have this great opportunity to enjoy a FREE festival with a fantastic range of musical delights performed in some of the quirkiest places!


Here is the programme of music lined up:

Saturday September 29

4Q - 29 Carlton Place SO15 2DX

1.00pm Eric Walker

1.30pm Steam Shed

2.00pm Ryan Greaves

2.30pm Ash Ellis

3.00pm Calvin Glen

3.30pm The Outsiders

4.00pm Ross Reverie

4.30pm Lee Desty

5.00pm Taylor Made

5.30pm Jonathan Klein

6.00pm Wire-JD

Belgium and Blues, 184 Above Bar Street, SO14 7DW

1.00pm Coastel Acoustic

1.30pm Wire-JD

2.00pm Saxofony

2.30pm Nicole McNally

3.00pm Good/Gracious

3.30pm Hannah Scott

4.15pm David Fry

4.45pm Sarah Saville

5.15pm Jim Chorley

6.00pm Newport Session Band

The Dancing Man Brewery, Town Quay, Southampton. SO14 2AR

1.00pm Wodden Spoons

2.00pm Reawaken (acoustic)

2.30pm Coastel Acoustic

3.00pm Twangdillo

3.30pm Emotive Concept

4.00pm The Flukes

5.00pm Calvin Glen

5.30pm When Harri Met Alli

6.15pm Denielle Pimtott

Grand Cafe, South Western House, Southampton. SO14 3AS

1.00pm Anjelica Season

1.40pm Improjazz

2.40pm Bel

3.10pm 10Bobnotes

3.55pm Sphere

4.45pm Lounge Room Lizards

5.30pm Pammie

Guildhall Square Southampton. SO14 7FP

1.00pm Southampton University Brass Band

1.45pm Childrens Choir

2.30pm St Andrews Pipe Band

3.00pm Southampton Ukelele Jam

3.45pm St Andrews Pipe Band

4.15pm Southampton Grad Band

2.00pm-4.00pm Come and join free Family Music Workshops from Southampton Music Hub. All ages / abilities welcome!

Heartbreakers, 7 Strand, SO14 1JX

12.30pm Richard Taunton's Musicians

2.30pm Deadman

3.30pm Dukes of Jazz

4.30pm Steam Shed

5.30pm Sombrero Fallout

6.30pm Mad King Ludwig and the Mojo Co

Holyrood Church, 3-5 Bernard Street, SO14 2NR

12.00pm SING FROM THE HEART with Blue Sky Choirs, Salty Sea Dogs, Chessel Chanters (Parkinson's), Breath into Song (Lung Health)

1.30pm Batala

2.00pm Vamos Cantar

2.45pm Solent Accordions

3.15pm Nick Tann and Band

4.00pm Ocean Brass Band

4.45pm Red Stags Morris

King John’s Palace, Blue Anchor Lane (Behind Tudor House and Garden)

1.00pm CoMA South

1.40pm The Celtic Knot Band

2.20pm Lee Desty

2.50pm Dan O'Farrell

3.30pm Frontline Ukelele

4.10pm Central Hall Community Gospel Choir

5.00pm BREAK

6.30pm Straight to Cake

7.20pm Simply Singers

8.10pm Nathan Cannon

Lankaster Vault, 137 High Street, Southampton. SO14 2BS

1.00pm The Flying Alexanders

1.50pm TheRealRaj

2.40pm These Septic Stars


4.20pm Rogue Witness

5.10pm Angel Blue

6.00pm Psychik Driving

Liberty's, 50 High Street, SO14 2NS

12.30pm The Beehive

1.30pm Project Docs

2.30pm Ronk Torp

3.00pm Ekowe

4.00pm Nicole McNally

4.30pm Manoir Dreams Gypsy Orchestra

5.30pm Neko Roshi

6.30pm Fryern Wreck

The Marlands, Southampton. SO14 7SJ

12.00pm Nicole McNally, Calvin Billington-Glen, Lucy Smith, Steph Ritz

1.00pm Tallulah Tilt, Pammie Moore, Sarah Skeet

2.00pm Sophie Green, Lee Rasdall-Dove, Nathan Cannon

3.00pm Tara Flanagan, Ryan Bishop, Talent contest winners

Mettricks Guildhall, SO14 7DU

1.00pm The Nearly Normals

2.00pm G-Floyd-D

2.30pm G&D

3.15pm Soft Steel

3.45pm Wooden Spoons

4.45pm Ukofoniks

5.30pm Nick Tudgey

6.15pm No Leg to Stand On

Orange Rooms, 1-2 Vernon Walk, SO15 2EJ

12.30pm Escape The Future

1.30pm Seif and The Sound

2.30pm Dirty Brass Hooks

3.30pm SHB

4.30pm Pot Kettle Black

5.30pm One Word

6.30pm Inferior Complex

Oxford Street, SO14 3DJ

12.00pm Dan O'Farrell and The Difference Engine

1.00pm Singsational Voices

1.50pm Red Stags Morris

2.20pm One Word

3.10pm PS Perrystone Hill and Shelly 'Sparkles' Mintrum

4.10pm Blue Dog

5.10pm Ken Wood and the Mixers

6.10pm The Orders

7.10pm Calum Lintott

Plus The ENDURANCE Fairground Organ

Platform Tavern, Town Quay, Southampton. SO14 2NY

1.00pm The Slack 5

2.00pm Galaxy Thief

3.00pm Roger Chantler

3.30pm The Crow Flies

4.30pm The Elderleys

5.00pm MOD TOWN UK

6.00pm Phineas Gage

Station Quarter, Wyndham Place, Southampton. SO15 1GX

1.00pm Uke Box Glory

2.00pm We Know John

3.00pm Brash Bullets

4.00pm The Piranha Brothers

The Talking Heads, 6-22 The Polygon, Southampton SO15 2BN

12.30pm Plaitford Common

1.20pm Southampton Folk Orchestra

2.10pm BRATIS

3.00pm Justin Capps and The Cavaliers

3.50pm Frankie Knight

4.40pm The Burns Unit

Tapas Barcelona, Unit 3, Arts Centre, Guildhall Square, Southampton, SO14 7DU

1.00pm Tony Arthur

1.30pm Fly Away Peter

2.00pm Jess Robyn

2.30pm Brian Hooper and Jeff Henry

3.15pm Fragile Lucy

4.00pm Lottie Jenkins

4.30pm Ellis Hudson

5.00pm Saxofony

5.40pm Neil Anderson

6.10pm 3p Suite

6.50pm Nick Haynes

The Artisan, Guildhall Square, SO14 7NN

1.00pm The Rezzonators

1.30pm Joie de Vivre

2.00pm Chris Simmonds

2.30pm Ron May

3.00pm LJ's Etlins

3.30pm Neil Maddock

4.00pm Coastel Acoustic

4.30pm Twangdillo

Westquay Esplanade, Harbour Parade, Southampton SO15 1QF

12.00pm Sing Now Choir

12.45pm The Soulcatchers

1.45pm Twangdillo

2.15pm SOS Entertainers

3.05pm Sarah Saville

3.15pm MIRAGE

4.05pm Batala

4.35pm Bourne to Swing

5.35pm Fiddler on the Hoof

6.20pm Calum Lintott

6.30pm Ben Goddard

7.20pm Fragile Lucy

7.30pm Galaxy Thief

8.20pm Pammie

8.30pm Tuba Libres

Sunday 30 September

NST City, 144 Above Bar Street, SO14 7DU

14:00 - 16:30 A Classical concert with The City of Southampton Orchestra and Flautissimo



Each route will run every 30 minutes, hop on and hop off, last bus leaves Guildhall Square at 18:00

Route A:

Guildhall Square - Castle Way for Westquay Esplanade - French Street for Dancing Man - Platform Road for Platform Tavern - Opposite South Western House for Oxford Street and Grand Cafe - Holyrood - Castle Way for Westquay Esplanade - Guildhall Square

Route B:

Guildhall Square - Carlton Crescent - Bedford Place - Station Quarter - Guildhall Square

Please note, programme is subject to change. Please keep up to date and visit the Music in the City website or their facebook page for updated information.

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