A PUB POKER PLAYER from Winchester is heading to the bright lights of Las Vegas to represent his country at the World League Poker Championships.

Tony Chapman, who normally plays at Worthies Sports & Social Club, has qualified to represent Team GB and take on more than 1,000 other players from across the UK, America and Canada.

He hopes to win a slice of the $25,000 purse at the championship's main event.

The tournament is taking place at The Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas November 3 and 8 and is organised by World Tavern Poker.

Martin Green, managing director of Redtooth - which runs a league in the UK, said: “The world of poker just keeps getting bigger and better and more and more players are joining our Redtooth Poker leagues.

"The World League Poker Championships are a brilliant opportunity to bring some of the best players in the world together on the international stage.

"I have every faith in Team GB and expect big things from them at this year’s tournament. We had a second place win last year – hopefully we can beat that.

"The team do a magnificent job showing that both the UK and Redtooth are home to some of the best poker players in the world."

Now in its 13th year, Redtooth Poker, the UK’s largest live pub poker league operates with more than 1,000 venues. More than 200,000 players have registered with Redtooth Poker since the league was launched.