ONLY one of west Hampshire’s four main councils is preparing for Brexit, it has been revealed.

Hampshire County Council says it is currently producing a report, looking at the impact of leaving the EU on March 29 on the region and its residents.

The authority said the report will look at the effects of a Brexit outcome both with and without a deal.

But, disclosing the information under a Freedom of Information request, Southampton City Council, along with Test Valley Borough Council, both confirmed that they had not undertaken a Brexit impact study, and had “no plans” to conduct one.

The main reason given by both was not wanting to spend “excessive” amounts of taxpayers’ cash on a report on an issue that has “many unknowns”.

Winchester City Council did not respond to the request.

It comes less than six months before the country is set to leave the EU on March 29.

Southampton City Council leader Christopher Hammond said: “There are many unknowns about Brexit and this country’s future relationship with Europe. Trying to unpick all of the potential socio-economic impacts that there would be on Southampton, is not an option at this point.

“Until we get a clear and consistent message from government, we won’t be spending an excessive amount of time and financial investment to fully examine the wide variety of scenarios and options that seem to be in play.” Hampshire County Council leader Roy Perry said: “Brexit is not easy, and setting a balanced budget with this in mind is not easy.

“I try as hard as I can to keep the council out of the Brexit debate, but we will need to make our own assessment. We will look to make our own assessment on the implications for the people of Hampshire with or without a deal. There will be implications so it is important that we make sure that Hampshire is as well prepared as it can be.”

A Test Valley Borough Council spokesperson said: “We have not considered it prudent to spend taxpayers’ money on commissioning an external assessment on the impact of Brexit. The Local Government Association has issued advice and we are factoring this in to our relevant plans for the future.”