A HAMPSHIRE college student met a Nobel Prize winner after completing a project.

Patrick Sear, 17, who attends Richard Taunton College met with physicist Professor Rainer Weiss who received a Nobel Prize for physics last year for his research on gravitational waves.

After completing a seven-week summer placement at The University of Southampton, Patrick emailed Professor Weiss as he wanted to share his own project on the subject with him.

He was then invited by Professor Weiss to attend a lecture that he was holding at The University of Southampton.

Afterwards, Professor Weiss discussed Patrick’s paper with him – which he told the Daily Echo was an “absolute honor”.

The 17-year-old who is studying physics, chemistry and maths said: “It was a fantastic experience as he genuinely cares about the subject and wanted to take the time out of his day to talk to me.

“I was shocked when he knew my name.

“It’s not something that happens everyday.”

Patrick said that when he first started at college that he was more interested in chemistry than physics.

He said that he now ‘loves’ physics as he has a connection with his teacher Robert Holzer who makes the subject “so interesting” to learn.

Patrick plans on perusing his love of physics after college either at university or by completing an apprenticeship in aerospace engineering.