THE Daily Echo takes another glimpse back through time – do you remember any of the events pictured?

The images were snapped in October 1978 - the same month as public pressure forced a reduction in the number of grey seals planned to be culled in the Orkney and Western Islands. The number was reduced from 4,300 to 2,000.

A ceremony took place at Liverpool Cathedral to mark its completion. The foundation stone was laid in 1904. Five people were killed in a shooting spree between West Bromwich and Nuneaton.

Barry Williams was arrested after a high-speed police chase. Williams was sentenced to indefinite detention in Broadmoor high-security psychiatri hospital and was released 15 years later.

The animated movie Watership Down was released on October 19. The film was an adaptation of Richard Adams’ 1972 novel of the same title and featured the voice talents of John Hurt, Richard Briers and Ralph Richardson.