A MUSIC manager who had been drinking smashed his £220,000 supercar into another car before driving a further 150 metres on only three wheels.

Robert Holden’s red Ferrari FF was left in pieces after it collided at speed with a Peugeot 206 and crashed near Bolton’s Bench, Lyndhurst, causing hours of delays for other motorists.

Holden’s car lost a wheel and was leaking fuel before it finally stopped outside a house in Beaulieu Road.

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The 57-year-old – who has worked with huge artists such as David Gray, Orbital and Pet Shop Boys – and the female driver of a Peugeot were both hospitalised as a result of the crash, which occurred after Holden had been drinking in a nearby pub.


Southampton Magistrates’ Court heard that after initially co-operating with officers and agreeing to be breathalysed, he walked out of the hospital without completing the test.

Holden pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen for analysis.

Banning Holden for three years and imposing a hefty £2,800 fine, District Judge Peter Greenfield said Holden was a risk when driving and could have caused a serious injury.

Sital Mond, prosecuting, told the court the defendant drove off after hitting the side of the car and began losing control of the vehicle as it continued down the country road.

She said that when the officers issued a roadside breath test, his reading was 85mg in 100ml of breath. This figure, however, was unconfirmed as Holden, of Park Walk, Chelsea, didn’t complete the secondary test.


Adam Payter, mitigating for Holden, said his client left the hospital before completing another test as he “was concussed and confused”.

He said that the accident had happened three hours prior to the secondary test and that Holden had perhaps forgotten why he was in hospital.

The road had to be cordoned off, causing delays of more than two hours for motorists on a main route through the New Forest.

Both cars had to be recovered and one local, who wished to remain anonymous, said she remembered “hearing a bang” before rushing outside to see wreckage.

She added: “This sort of thing never happens along this road, Lyndhurst is very quiet. I couldn’t believe the state of the car as it looks expensive.”

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