A SPECIAL day of fun is being held to help Southampton NHS Treatment Centre celebrate its 10th anniversary.

This Sunday, people will be given the chance to go behind the scenes of the centre at Royal South Hants Hospital, to have a go at basic life-saving or see what happens when a joint is replaced or a cataract removed, then this event is for you.

Unprecedented access to operating theatres, physiotherapy and radiography, plus information about waiting times, alternative ways of obtaining treatment and jobs will also be available on the day.

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It will give people the chance to learn more about the hospital which has dedicated itself to the health and wellbeing of its patients for a decade.

The treatment centre opened its doors to NHS patients on 13th October 2008.

It was one of the so-called Independent Sector Treatment Centres which were part of the then Labour Government’s initiative to introduce the independent sector to the running of some NHS services.


The initiative was designed to improve patient choice and bring in new, efficient ways of working.

Since opening, it has cared for tens of thousands of patients, providing care in general surgery, dental surgery, ENT surgery, endoscopy, eye surgery, foot and ankle surgery, gynaecology, hand and wrist surgery, hip surgery, knee surgery, medical imaging, pain management, shoulder and elbow surgery, and urology.

It is rated ‘outstanding’ for care by the Care Quality Commission and ‘good’ overall and performs above the national average in the Patient-Led Assessment of the Care Environment audit, where it scored 99.02 per cent for cleanliness, 98.81 per cent for privacy, dignity and wellbeing, and 96.5 per cent for condition, appearance and maintenance.

Southampton NHS Treatment Centre is popular with patients.

Comments on its Facebook page include: “The care is amazing”; “The care and patience they give is always 100 per cent”, and; “Experience was amazing; second hip was met with the best people so can’t thank them enough”.

The open day takes place between 11am and 3pm, and is free for everyone to attend.

A number of team members who have provided care and expertise at the centre since it opened paid tribute to it.

Samir Naoum, is a consultant anaesthetist, said: “I joined our treatment centre from the first day it opened and now when I remember these 10 years, I feel proud.

“My colleagues and I were able to establish a safe, efficient and friendly health care service that helped a lot in reducing waiting time for elective surgeries in our community.

“Listening to patients describing how wonderful this place is, represents my greatest compensation for the efforts and time I’ve provided over the last 10 years.”


Arevan Rahman is a pharmacist and pharmacy manager said she began working at the centre 10 years ago.

She added: “Within a short period of time we established ourselves and the hospital’s excellent reputation.

“Since 2008 we have been very successful as a team, and helped many patients in a safe environment.”

Lesley Anson is a senior health care assistant who said: “Where have 10 years gone.

“I have seen many changes throughout my time here.

“I believe that the treatment centre has been a successful addition to the area.

“ I hope it continues to provide the quality of care that we have strived to maintain during this time.”

The centre is part of the choice NHS patients can make for where they receive treatment.

Provided a GP or other referring medical practitioner agrees that treatment is needed, patients can ask to be referred to Southampton NHS Treatment Centre where waiting lists are generally shorter than elsewhere in the region.

The hospital specialises in elective, pre-planned operations and does not have an A&E department.

This means that treatments are rarely cancelled.

It has a self-pay option for patients who cannot get the treatment they need on the NHS, or who do not wish to wait.

Typically has shorter waiting times than other hospitals throughout the region.

More information is available by visiting southamptontreatmentcentre.nhs.uk.