As Brexit continues to unravel, I would encourage readers to continue to carefully and actively listen to both sides of the argument, but to read widely about the implications of Brexit and a no-deal Brexit.

Surely democracy did not suddenly end on the 23 June 2016, just as it did not end when we voted to join the EU (formerly EEC) in the first place back in 1975?

As someone who uses Twitter, Facebook and other social media groups, as well as checking in and out of both tabloids and broadsheets, it is shocking to witness unhelpful comments from those who choose to proudly dismiss and ignore the facts.

Sadly the nation (and our village) is deeply divided, but we are incredibly fortunate to live in a democracy in which people can change their minds when presented with new information.

If we are truly a democratic state, now that we are in possession of clearer facts about Brexit, we should insist that our politicians refer back to the people to reaffirm their will for Brexit AND if, leaving is their will, the terms of our departure.

Sally Hadden