A HUMAN CHAIN helped relocate a Southampton bookstore.

More than 250 residents and local business owners lined Portswood road to help move October Books to its new store at the former bank at 189 Portswood road.

Books were passed along the chain which measured 150 meters to the bookstores new community funded premises.

October Books raised £500,000 to buy the bank through crowdfunding, donations and a loan from Co-operative and Community Finance.

The decision to move to their own premises came after a rent increase that they were unable to afford.

Annabel Hodgson from October Books said: "I’m absolutely bowled over by how many volunteers have turned out to support October Books.

"It’s been such a long journey from our small roots on Onslow Road, through moving up to Portswood, struggling with increasing rents, and now buying our own premises."

The event illustrated the 'power of the community.'

Jani Franck who works at The Art House took part in the Human Chain and also stayed after the event to paint the new bookshelves.

"It’s amazing. The power of community coming together and achieving something like this.

"October Books have done really well. I’m in awe.

"And The Art House is really proud to be part of this today."

Ian Rothwell, an investment manager from Co-operative and Community Finance who supported October books with funding their new premises said: "‘It’s fabulous to see so many of the local community coming out to support October Books today.

"This loan is particularly close to my heart as I live locally – it’s really amazing to be part of this both personally and professionally."

The new store will officially open on November 3.