I have to say I agree with Terry Hickman, most motorists now do not take any care around cyclists, and the problem is exacerbated by those who whinge over some other rider they perceived did them wrong some time ago.

Examples I have of bad driving that will most likely end up killing someone include the following:

Bus drivers who tailgate. When you're that close that I cannot see what is behind me as I wish to turn, that you're within two to three inches from my back wheel as I ride downhill at about 20mph.

Bus drivers this week alone - one pulled out on me whilst still indicating left and nearly pinned me into a parked car on the right of the road.

They then have the gall to swear and shout at you, and tell you to ride on a pavement.

Your readers constantly complain about pavement riders.

Did you ever stop to think what might have influenced them? I've tried the council, I've tried the police. Nobody gives a damn.

There are taxi drivers who illegally turn right (Above Bar Street is one example) to access their ranks.

A woman driver last night cut me up right on the line of a junction. I nearly ended up through her back window. Again, two seconds saved is worth more than a cyclist's life.

"Use the cycle lane!" You cry. Sometimes its a pavement.

Most of the time we can't get on them due to parked cars. Or after sunset its hard to see pedestrians on them, dressed all in black, and with the street lights focused on the motor traffic, even with good cycle lights, you cant see them to safely pass them.

I haven't even mentioned dog owners who leave turds all over and never have their animal on a leash.

Motorists constantly whinge in your letters pages about the traffic. You are the traffic. You caused the traffic. Only you can tackle it by making smarter choices. We know from previous articles that motorists cause 99% of all crashes and problems, and that many don't drive all that far.

Yet somehow they're the victim. It's like when fat people complain their clothes don't fit and say its somehow "fat shaming" from the clothes companies.

So with that I would suggest both Hampshire Police and Southampton City Council's lack of action and preventative measures have been part of the problem.

I know many riders who have pleaded with both but all you get is excuses. Too many riders have died and been injured through no fault of their own (despite popular belief). How many more will it take?

AD Grey