A TRAFFIC light stand at a pedestrian crossing in Romsey was knocked over in a crash last night.

Residents near the crossing, on Winchester Road, near Viney Avenue, reportedly heard a loud bang around 10.30pm.

When they went to look, they saw the light had been knocked clean over.

An engineer is currently on scene making the area safe.

One person, who heard the crash, said: "Heard this massive crash, absolute mess out there.

"Didn’t look like anyone was in the car so hopefully they’re ok."

Police reportedly attended the crash.

A Hampshire police spokesperson said: "Officers were called just after 10.30pm on 29 October.  A VW Polo had been in collision with the central island and traffic lights near to the Viney Avenue junction.

“The driver, a 20-year-old man from Totton, was not injured.”