A SWAN was rescued after crash-landing on the roof of a Hampshire glasshouse.

The bird is thought to have seen the glazed roof of the building at Otter Nurseries in Lymington and mistaken it for water.

An Otter Nurseries spokesman said: "A flight of swans was passing overhead and moments later there was a loud crash.

"With late afternoon sunshine glinting off the glass the roof had the appearance of water, leading the swan to land on it by mistake. Fortunately, the glass is toughened."


"Swans need a long run up to take off and there was insufficient space - so this one became stuck."

The spokesman said help arrived in the firm of Anton Phillips, an animal rescue officer frpom Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

"He came to the garden centre to help, with the RSPCA also in attendance.

"First the bird was coaxed by Anton to a lower roof and then a special 'swan hoop' was used to lower it safely to the ground, where it had space to take to the skies.

"The swan was no worse for wear following its mishap and was last seen flying off into the sunset in the general direction that his friends had been heading."