I am one of those many pensioners who have unfortunately been exposed to the anti- social behaviour in Shirley.

It is prevalent in all parts of the ward including the vandalism in St James Park, and the drinking and drug taking in the old St James church cemetery.

There can be many discussion by parties including the Police, but it is that if there is not obvious Police presence then anti - social behaviour and crime will continue to grow as the recent national crime figures show.

Small offences should be nipped in the bud, and the police should get back to a policy of crime prevention, rather than " lets wait until a crime is committed"

I recall an incident a few years ago when the parent of a vulnerable young man was continuously harassed, and attacked, contacted the Police many time for help. Not surprisingly she received the stock reply of no officers available.

A short time later the young man was struck on the head while walking along a street in Millbrook Southampton, and very sadly died.

There was a quick response from the Police to attend this dreadful crime. The point of me telling this story is that as a result of this crime they managed to find over 20 officers to attend the scene and many detective, I often wonder if a policy of crime prevention would had had an effect of avoiding a tragedy in this situation and many others.

I am very much a sceptic regarding the Police hierarchy as I have heard the stuff they trot out many times before over the years. There is a feral war on the streets caused by drugs and alcohol and the only effective way to deal with it must be by doubling the Police force, and disbanding the ineffective PSCO.

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