WORK has begun this week to erect the Skate Southampton ice rink in Westquay which is due to return this November.

Skate Southampton has announced plans to return a temporary ice rink to the city – following a successful debut in 2017.

The ice-cool attraction is to be installed in time for November 10, and is set to be 20 per cent bigger than last year.

Alongside the 900sqm extended rink, said to be 160sqm larger than last year, Skate bosses have promised other improvements.

These include bigger skate exchange, better skates, new skate aids, a larger outdoor space and improved session times.

One major improvement will be the introduction of an ice-resurfacing machine known as a ‘Zamboni’ machine which will keep the ice rink smoother - allowing for better skating.

Alpine-style bar Moguls, which serves alcoholic drinks and hot beverages, will have a new outdoor space and VIP areas available for hire.

The temporary rink returns after a successful first year in the city in 2017 – attracting 30,000 skaters over between November and January.

Organisers say they were “very happy” with the response and promised to return this year.

Project manager Laurie Scott said: “Skate Southampton is incredibly excited to announce the return of the ice rink to Westquay.

“The team at This Event Co have been working tirelessly throughout the summer to make this year’s event bigger and better, and we cannot wait to be back on site to show you what we’ve been up to.”

The ice rink is set to be opened on November 10 and will be open until January 6.

Opening times will be from 11.45am to 11pm on weekdays and 10.30am to 11pm on weekends.

Adult tickets will cost £11.50 and child tickets £9.50.

A family ticket of two adults and two children, or one adult and three children, costs £38.

Laurie Scott said: "It's a bigger rink and we have new more comfortable skates.

"There's also an ice resurfacing tractor called Zamboni - last year we were resurfacing manually.

"A select few of our staff have been specially trained to use it.

"The chalets are bigger and better. We have cable cars that you can rent - they were the box office last year. We got them from a ski resort and have repurposed them. They're perfect for an office party."