AS NOVEMBER 5 approaches, I expect a number of people will be out buying fireworks and possibly having bonfires this weekend.

But at what cost to our environment? Bonfires create smoke for us to breathe, fireworks put noxious chemicals and fumes into the atmosphere for us to breathe. Bonfires kill wildlife. Is it all worth it for a few hours of fun?

I am sure the people in Southampton with breathing problems will not appreciate being asked to breathe yet more bad air. The short-lived fun is actually contributing to an estimated 110 premature deaths in Southampton each year.

The recent IPCC report states that we actually have to change the way we do things if we want a safe planet for our children live on. We can all change by not buying fireworks.

I would urge all readers to think again before letting off fireworks or supporting bonfires. You will actually be contributing to the premature death of people with breathing difficulties.

Ron Meldrum

Green Party