IN RESPONSE to your article about hospital parking ('Rich Parkings', October 31), this problem has been festering for years and it is incredible to think of the ineptitude, lack of foresight and forward thinking by the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and by Southampton City Council.

Firstly, the layout and design of the onsite parking is dreadful to enter and leave and the drive in entrance for a major hospital has been poorly thought out with no traffic control whatsoever.

The issue with surrounding street parking has not been helped by the council imposing permit parking on the north end of Coxford Road, alongside the Holybrook Cemetery. That part of the road has houses on one side of the road and they all have off-road parking!

With the restricted street parking around the hospital, the parking problem has been pushed further out where there are already parking issues with a number of schools. Those surrounding streets that are affected by the parking problems are paying the price with the obvious inconvenience and financially by having to pay for the parking permits.

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