Dear Sir/Madam

5.05pm train from Bournemouth to Southampton October 25.

I have just experienced a terrible journey on the above train. The toilets on our side were out of order. I had two, five year old children with me. One of them is disabled. I thought they would be able to use the toilets on the five carriage train. I found three toilets, one door wouldn't open, the second one was flooded with urine and number 3sdoor wouldn't open. I asked the guard whether there were any more toilets on the train. He said he would not tell me. Why was he there? Miserable looking did not come into it. He was very rude. So we had to get off the train and use the toilets in Brockenhurst Station. The guard would not keep the train for us whilst a disabled boy used the toilet, so all of our purchases were left on the train. I had a set of tissues, cartons of orange juice, kinder eggs, bars of chocolate and now expect them to be retrieved or I expect a refund.

Things got worse on the next London train. We were in carriage four and the children, being five, were slightly boisterous. A very impolite man stood up and shouted at us: "This is a quiet coach. Get out and go to another if you want to make noise."

I told the children to be quiet and then i noticed there were no quiet notices. At Central Station two people came up to me and said it was not a quiet coach. At Parkway i mentioned this to the man, who became quite belligerent. My question is where was any help if he had attacked me. Where is CCTV? I am guessing he was about 40-years-old. They need more people on the train for security, not less.

P. Bedford