SALLY Hadden wrote on October 29 to say that “surely democracy did not end when we voted to join the EU in 1975”.

I will correct this inaccurate statement once again. We did not have a choice about joining the Common Market. In 1975 we were asked whether we wished to STAY IN. There is a world of difference.

The public had no choice when GB joined the EEC in 1973. Edward Heath, the Prime Minister, made that choice for us.

Incidentally when we did have a referendum in 2016 and the majority voted to LEAVE, we were threatened that food prices would almost double in a year.

I then kept my supermarket receipts and have compared them to similar items purchased last weekend and some are a few pence more expensive, as would have happened however the vote went, and some are even slightly lower, so that idle threat has been exposed as a lie.

Patricia Newman,