WELL, I've just heard Saints escaped with a 6-1 beating at Man City.

In all the time I have supported this team I cannot think of such a poor spell of three successive seasons.

It is easy to point blame but the truth is we have sold too many good players and we have bought largely worse players than we've got rid of.

The club seemed to be on an even keel until Ms Liebherr decided to sell to the current Chinese owners.

She retains a small stake in the club but it seems to have been milked of funds. We couldn't even afford the commendable Danny Ings.

The identity of the club contrasts greatly with that of Leicester. The tragic accident of last week brought back memories of Marcus Liebherr when he died. He is still remembered fondly by us supporters as the person who saved our club. We enjoyed some great times with him at the helm. When he sadly passed away the void was filled by Katherine but it was never the same. It seemed obvious to most of us that her heart was not in the club. Her stewardship was still okay but it did not have the same resonance with us as when Marcus was in charge.

We were, as Leicester are now, a team. A team consisting of the club, management, players, officials and fans. We marched on. Even when we didn't win the fans stayed with the team.

But we have seen a gradual but steady decline in standards over the last three years. Even the hearty, noisy support of those behind the goal, who did so much to lift the team, is dimmed. I hope for Leicester's sake that they don't end up in a position that is similar to us. It looks to me that unless some very drastic changes are made at OUR club then our Chinese masters are going to be well out of pocket. Still, at least we may have a derby with Pompey next year.

David Collins