Stupidity of cyclist was shocking

ONCE again the motorist is at fault concerning cyclists but Brian Chambers’ letter (October 24) took the words right out of my mouth and described what I’ve witnessed as well, especially cyclists riding on pavements, through red lights, having no lights, etc.

Yesterday I really did not expect a cyclist to be so stupid and shoot in front of me as I was about to go around a stationary bus, but he did!

I was taught to be prepared for idiots but this actually shook me up, plus I was driving my elderly mother home after an appointment at Princess Anne, and she was also shocked.

The fact that I gave the bus a wide berth – and he was quick – saved an accident. He did have a fluorescent jacket on and it wasn’t dark at 3.30pm. He turned off Winchester Road opposite the garage.

I hope if he is reading this, and any other cyclists or road users, let’s all have patience be courteous to each other and think about the consequences of our actions!

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