I was asked by my energy company (EDF gas/electric): “When can we come and fit you smart meter?” My reply: “Never.”

Why would I want one? For the last 70 years I have known: ‘on’ costs money, ‘off’ doesn’t.


The cost of installing a smart meter is hundreds of pounds per household which everyone pays. Smart meter or not. The only reason it can be advertised as “no extra cost” is because the cost is already in your bill but not itemised as such.

If you want one, fair enough – pay.

To be charged by a company for a service/equipment you have not asked for, I will not have, and it must be illegal (think PPI).

I will be pressing hard to have my bill adjusted downwards to reflect the fact that I have not cost them hundreds of pounds extra.

Any reader care to join me or is everyone else happy to pay hundreds of pounds extra because some people didn’t learn off or on? The same applies to the ‘Big 6’.

Mr A J Bartlett