A MILITARY policeman’s career is in ruins after he seriously injured himself and caused delays costing £150,000 when he jumped on a railway line.

Sergeant Ian Davis tried to make his way across the railway tracks at Southampton Central Railway Station, rather than use the footbridge, after seeing his friends on the opposite platform.

He fell, injuring his knee, and a South Western Railway train was forced to make an emergency stop after concerned passengers warned the driver that someone was on the track.

Having served with the Royal Military Police for 12 years, the 32-year-old was told he would now be demoted and progress in the service would be difficult.

Southampton Magistrates’ Court heard that South Western Railway had calculated Davis’s actions caused more than 36 hours of delays, 79 services to be held up and had cost the operator £145,170.

Prosecutor Liam Hunter said Davis, who had only recently been promoted to sergeant, had been out drinking with his friends before losing them at the station on August 24.

He said: “The group had become separated and he saw them on another platform and tried to get across.

“As a result of falling onto the line he dislocated his knee. It caused a massive trauma for the driver who had to make an emergency stop.

“Luckily, the driver was able to stop.”

As a result of the incident, which happened between platforms three and four, Davis tore a number of ligaments in his leg and doctors have told him he will never be able to run again.

In mitigation, Chris Gaiger told the court a representative from the Army explained Davis, previously of good character, would be discharged from service if he was made the subject of a community order or suspended sentence.

The representative also said that he would be demoted if fined, Mr Gaiger added.

Mr Gaiger said: “He had drunk too much and fell down... this was completely out of character for this man.

“Davis made a stupid and foolish mistake and the consequences for him could be damaging for his career.”

In sentencing Davis, District Judge Lorraine Morgan said despite the serious consequences of his actions, she would only fine him as this would allow him to continue his career in the services.

She added: “You have provided an exemplary service. Considering your circumstances and references, the impact the incident has had on your physicality and career, a fine is what you deserve.”

Davis, of Hamilton Road, Bulford Camp, Salisbury, pleaded guilty to trespassing in the proximity of a railway and obstructing a railway engine.

He was fined £1,250 and ordered to pay £85 costs and £125 victim surcharge.

Following the hearing, a spokesperson for South Western Railway said: “Trespassing on the railway is both illegal and extremely dangerous and could lead to serious injury or death.

“As this case shows, it can also cause major delays to rail users. Customers should never walk across the tracks and should use footbridges to move between platforms.”

The Daily Echo contacted the Army for a comment, but had not received one at the time of gong to press.