I WRITE in response to the article ‘Should parents take children to the pub’ on October 30.

I feel that if parents are not prepared to keep their children under control and not let them crawl or run around as they wish, then no, they should not take them.

The manager of The George pub in Fordingbridge has my total support. Would those parents complain if a member of staff tripped over their child and caused an injury?

The parents of the child who crawled around the restaurant, and more than once was out of site of the table, should be ashamed and apologise to the manager.

I do not think that the staff at the pub ruined her lunch because it appears that she did that herself by not keeping her child under control.

I have been out to lunch at a pub and seen how some parents allow their children to behave how they please. Also, many parents the table and the floor, where children drop and throw food, in a state.

Behaviour is not always that much better in supermarkets and I have on a number of times nearly run into children who are allowed to run riot. I have had four children whom I taught manners and would not allow them to behave like some of the children of today.

I have no wish to offend anyone but I do wish there was more control nowadays and manners taught more, if only people can be bothered.

Steph Hughes