METTRICKS has announced Coffee Lab has become a majority shareholder in the business.

Owner Spencer Bowman also confirmed that he was stepping down as director of Mettricks with immediate effect.

Mettricks has two outlets in Woolston and Guildhall Square in Southampton.

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In a statement on Facebook, Mr Bowman said the investment from Coffee Lab would “strengthen our small business…ensuring it has a partner that will enable it to continue to thrive”.

The statement added: “Alongside this investment I am stepping down as a Director of Mettricks with immediate effect, and will no longer work for the business bearing my Great Grandparents name, beyond handover support in the coming weeks.

"Dominic Ormsby will take over the day to day running of the business as Operations Director, with Alex Donnan taking over from me in his role as group managing director.

“Founding and leading Mettricks has been one of the most incredible, diverse and richly rewarding chapters of my life.

"It has brought with it the opportunity to play a vital role at the heart of our city, proving that independent business can both survive and thrive in the challenging world of the British High Street today, whilst fulfilling a broader social mission – I believe that the melting pot of society that has made our coffee houses home prove that we can play a creative, social and economic role in our communities. Mettricks has meant far more than just tea and speciailty coffee.

"We have been on a mission to be a catalyst for our great city to fulfill its potential, to not be limited by it’s self doubt but be optimistic about overcoming todays challenges to create a vibrant, prosperous, inclusive future.

"We’ve created a home from home open to all - Southampton’s living rooms.

"This has not always been easy, nor has it gone entirely to plan; but our positive impact on the places and lives we have been involved with has made it worth the while.

“The guardianship for the long term success of our mission to be a transformational hospitality business with speciality coffee at its heart is one that I now pass on to you, the excellent Mettricks team, and Coffee Lab our new partners.

"I know that partnering with Coffee Lab, with their financial and people resources and shared quality philosophy, will set our business to continued success.

"I am certain that they will not only take good care of it but will ensure that it fulfils the potential and dreams I always had for it.

“I would like to sincerely thank every one of you who has supported me personally, and Mettricks as a business, during our adventure as Southampton’s first independent speciality coffee company over the last five years.

"I hope that what we have achieved, and what we wholeheartedly tried to do but maybe fell just short, has in the main done you proud.

“And as a coffee lover, and passionate believer in our city, I look forward to enjoying a few coffees with you, my friends, without feeling the operational pressures and stresses of the beautiful spaces we have created. I will remain Mettricks no. 1 supporter.”

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