Some while ago I noticed in Shirley High Street a small poster urging drivers to switch off engines whilst stationary.

This particularly applies to drivers of diesel vehicles, in my experience.

I have not seen another like it since.

If it was a Southampton City Council poster, I should like to ask why there were not a lot more of them.

If it was not a city council initiative, then why not?

Southampton Council seems to be paralysed in dealing with the city’s air pollution.

Obviously unwilling to challenge the Port in any way, and equally unwilling to give up the easy-money cash flows from city centre parking, a serious public health issue meanwhile is simply being ignored.

On DEFRA’s air quality web site, for Southampton A33 only two readings out of the five required in the table are given.

However, all five are reported for Southampton Centre (possibly Above Bar) which show a “low risk” rating.

Suppressing the bad news is not a solution to a problem that threatens the health of all and ultimately the future of the city.

Michael Gardener