I WOULD like to add comment to R Perry's letter from Townhill Park Residents' Association, November 5.

I used to come through Woodmill Bridge quite frequently when I visit my mother. (Much easier to come via the airport route.)

When Southampton City Council decided to remove the traffic lights it became a free-for-all and certain people would discount the three-car rule which is on a sign on the wall, causing a gridlock. I felt an accident was just waiting to happen; it's very narrow and children also squeeze along the footpath.

When my father was alive, he used to drive a green Austin A40, it was his pride and joy, and I'm sure he would have aired his concerns, as I remember he would hold three fingers up at the fourth car that came across – thankfully nobody went into him! Sadly he died in 2008, so this battle has been on going for years and years and I would be surprised if it was ever resolved!

I wrote to Southampton City Council, highlighting my concerns, to receive a very curt letter in reply, stating that the surrounding residents had been consulted and had refused to have the traffic light system in place permanently, as they could hear car radios blaring out late at night. Although I suggested that the lights could just be used at peak times when the traffic was heavy. I was curtly told that the matter was closed and they would not be giving the subject any more attention! I was actually lost for words and threw their damn reply in the bin!

R Perry, good luck!

Name and address supplied