WHEN is someone going to have the courage to step forward and save us from total surrender to the EU that the PM is leading us towards?

I am sick and tired of hearing this women saying that if her government does not agree to her proposed deal we shall end up with a Corbyn government instead.

How dare she blackmail her own cabinet for her own ends, how dare she threaten her own party to toe the line.

She is so brave to threaten them, but daren't do likewise to the EU for fear of upsetting them.

There is no way parliament is going to vote through her proposal, that much is pretty clear and obvious, yet she continues to work towards this nonsense. She must be aware this is not taking back control of our country, she is delusional if this is what she thinks the British people voted for at the referendum.

The PM is a 'remainer' and she is lying to the country about her intent to give us what we voted for. I don't care what the EU threaten after we leave and trade on WTO terms, if they want to bully the UK, they will find it hurts them much more than it will us. We must be free to strike trade deals all over the world with our friends, we will grow and prosper to become the great nation we deserve to be on the world stage. The EU is scared of this scenario, they know other countries in their bloc would see the light and want the same for themselves, Poland, Italy, Greece, Spain would be banging on the door for freedom, to be released from the chains they are shackled in. It would be the beginning of the end of this vanity project that nobody voted for. Five hundred million people did not vote for a federal state of Europe which is ruining their lives, their countries, their independent to govern themselves in the way their own people want them to, in their own democracy.

The British people voted, and told the government what they wanted, if the PM is unwilling to do it, she should step aside and let somebody who will respect the referendum decision get us out. It is clear we cannot negotiate with the EU, they want nothing less than complete surrender, giving the UK the worse possible deal they can. We need a PM who will simply say: "These are the terms which are fair to the UK and to yourselves, take it or leave it." We must be seen as being fair, we must offer good terms and then allow them a month to agree or we walk away and go on WTO terms. That is strong leadership.

The current PM is unfit to lead so please, somebody have to courage to step forward and save your country, your people and your government from total surrender from the most treacherous so called friends of the UK.

Keith Field