KINGS Church will be hosting a charity sale on Saturday.

The Lordswood church will be raising money to purchase new desks for Hope School, Goma, Dominican Republic of Congo.

There will be cakes, books, games and handmade items from Goma.

Hope School was built from scratch by the Bishop of Goma and his wife Claudaline, after they were concerned about the children in the city with no family, and no education.

The school provides 252 children with an opportunity for an education, and a future.

The latest need is for a desk space for each child, costing approximately £3,500, however there is also needs such as teacher salaries, equipment, food and medicine.

A charity has been set up in Goma, called One Heart Hope, and this aims to support the projects financially and in prayer and encouragement.

Last summer, five people from Kings Church travelled out for a a youth conference for 500 young people, taking old footballs and kits, as well as a brand Saints kit for the school.

Cafe 153, in the Kings Church Centre, has been running for five months, opening on Fridays and Saturdays, is a non profit cafe run by volunteers from the church aiming to provide a safe space and drop in, particularly for older members of the community.

The sale will be on from 10am-3pm, with the cafe open from 8am-1pm.