ON the Royal Pier, Southampton Lions Club and Southampton Amateur Boxing Club combined to create one of the most successful sporting occasions the city had seen for some time - eleven first-rate boxing contests.

The event took place in the Mecca Ballroom on May 23, 1968, and it was the third tournament of such staged by Southampton Lions.

The dinner-jacketed club members and their guests - including many leading sports personalities from the local area - enjoyed a "six-round" meal prior to the boxing tournament.

Guest of honour was Atlantic oarsman Sgt Chay Blyth, who two years prior rowed from America to the shores of Ireland. The boxing contestants received their awards from Mr Blyth and wrestling personality Jackie Pallo.

Highlights of the tournament were a stylish points win for Southampton's Peter Brisland and the last fight in the senior career of boxer and Commonwealth Games bronze medal winner Mike Uzebu.