I am writing as a member of Southampton football club to voice my utter disgust at the request made for all Premier League clubs to make a payment of £250,000 to provide a £5M GBP bonus to the outgoing chief executive, as reported via BBC sport yesterday…

While I totally understand the view that the outgoing chief executive has overseen the substantial increase in revenues and profile of the premier league (for which has been very well remunerated for!), the idea that all current Premier League clubs should make a donation of this type is wrong on so many levels:

1) The grass roots of football is suffering badly – this £5M could make a significant difference to that area of football – If Premier League clubs have £250K each spare this is just one of many more worthy causes it could be used for.

2) It is genuinely offensive to real football fans, who have spent many years paying admission prices every week – I certainly do not want a penny of any ticket price I pay to be used to a make a very wealthy person, more wealthy

3) What about all the teams that have benefited from the premier league revenues in previous seasons or the parachute payments on recent relegation but are now in the EFL leagues, or this year's promoted clubs, two of which have not been in the top flight for many years

4) Why should all clubs pay the same when the division of revenues from TV rights is not distributed equally?

5) It demonstrates a complete lack of social responsibility, and I feel reflects badly on any football club who agrees to make the payment.

I really hope that someone in the club actually takes time to read this letter, and I also trust there will be many more fans like myself who take the time to communicate and voice our heartfelt opinions on this subject. Right now I cannot bring myself to purchase any further tickets for Saints games until I see a clear stance from the club, I love football and the Saints have been my team all my life, but sometimes you have to try and make a stand on something as morally corrupt as this request.

Finally I think it would be great if Saints can take the lead, and not only say 'no' to this grotesque payment but also lead the way in making suggestions for a charitable grass roots football trust or similar as a far better use of the money.

Rob Saunders